The Library of Korranberg

Location: The eight colleges and main citadels of the Library reside in Korranberg, but the academy hosts chapterhouses in most of the nations of Khorvaire.

Government:  Each school is ruled by a doyen, who sit on the library's council, headed by a high councilor appointed by the Korran family. The current headmaster is Alina Alrene ir'Korran.

The eight colleges of the Library and their areas of study are as follows:

  • Aureon's Holt- Law and Oratory
  • Balinor's Horn- Natural Sciences
  • Blackdragon- Alchemy
  • Drystone- Engineering
  • Lyrris- Art and Literature
  • Morridan- Mathematics
  • Soldas- History
  • Tabernacle- Religion and Philosophy

Info: Evard studies the applications of magic in the college of Drystone, taking many courses but focusing on the techniques and spells of evocation magic under the tutelage of Doyen Noldrun. The Library of Korranberg was founded by Loremaster Dorius Alyre ir'Korran who wished to amass as much information and knowledge as he could in his so-called "fortress of knowledge." Dorius intended to acquire enough worldly knowledge to supplant the Sovereign Aureon and take his place, believing that all Sovereigns were ascended dragons and the position of godhood was obtainable by worthy mortals. The ir'Korran family helped fund this establishment, if not for believing in their kin, then for realizing the potential for harboring the wealth of knowledge of the wide world. The fate of Dorius remains unknown, but his library has grown and prospered for over three thousand years.

The Library of Korranberg sits atop a vast goblin city that was once inhabited by the Dhakaani Empire long ago. Many halls and levels have been repurposed and expanded upon, but there is an entire city beneath the halls of the library that have rarely been explored.

The Library of Korranberg

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