Location: Southern Khorvaire, nestled behind the Howling Peaks and Seawall Mountain passes, bordered by Breland to the West and Darguun to the East.

Government: Democracy ruled by a Triumverate of figureheads elected from Zilargo's three biggest cities- Korranberg, Trolanport, and Zolanberg. Originally meant to govern the Library of Korranberg, the Triumverate was chosen to govern all the gnomish city-states during the troubled times of Malleon the Reaver- a pirate invader some three thousand years ago. This governmental institution has stood since.

Capital: The port city of Trolanport stands as Zilargo's capital. This beautiful metropolis uses a complex canal system to aid in both water and aerial ship building. The city, like many, was built upon ancient Dhakaani ruins.

Information: As far as Evard Everweary is concerned, his homeland is known for three things: Elementals, information, and brandy. Zilargo is welcoming of outsiders, for even trivial information passed along may prove useful down the road. Zilargo is home to the secrets of elemental binding used in creating the vessels that ply the seas and skies of Eberron. In Korranberg stands one of the greatest vaults of knowledge in the world- the Library of Korranberg, the academy where Evard calls home and hones his magical talents.



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